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Introducing Healing Harp by TC, a unique electro acoustic harp experience, designed to soothe and inspire. With her mesmerizing instrument, Thessa harnesses its healing qualities to promote stress relief and tranquility. Through the enchanting fusion of the harp's organic tones and skillfully applied effect pedals, she elevates the instrument's musical vibrations, leading you on an intuitive journey that nurtures your mental well-being.

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Relaxing Harp Music | Meditation Music

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"Let the soothing harp sounds guide you into a meditative state."

Healing Harp Video_Intro_2023

Healing Harp Video_Intro_2023

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"After doing several live streams with my harp during the pandemic, simply aiming to do my part and support people's mental health, the overwhelming surge of positive reactions inspired me to seek ways to extend the healing power of my harp to even more individuals. It's a true blessing to be able to help others by doing what you love." 


Check out Thessa's relaxing harp and meditation music, online live healing harp sessions on the Insight Timer app and +1300 positive ratings.

"Listen to my music and join my live sessions for free. If you wish to support me, donations through the app are welcome and very much appreciated. I aim to make relaxing harp music accessible for everyone."

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